Ruby & Associates is a unique consulting firm of skilled professionals, led by three partners who just happen to be siblings.  Our passion for working directly with nonprofit Executive Directors (E.D.) and Development Directors (D.D.) stems from our own experience.  We have sat in your chair and we have walked in your shoes.  We have worked for and volunteered in organizations just like yours.

Let our unique talents and experience help YOU and  your agency reach its fullest potential.

We can help YOU avoid the costly mistakes of others!


Ruby & Associates:

  • Every nonprofit leader possesses unique fundraising talents and skills.  Period.
  • Talented and effective major gift fundraising is learned, not born.
  • Empowering human resources is the best way that long term systemic change can occur.
  • Our responsibility is to nurture your positive attributes in order for your organization to thrive.
  • Knowledge grounded in personal experience is our forte.
  • Passion trumps skill (although a little skill is helpful).
  • Laugh and have fun growing better together.