Ruby & Associates is a unique consulting firm that caters to nonprofit agencies in various stages of development – financial, staff or leadership-related. The team specializes in helping agencies assess and define their needs, envision their goals and then adhere to a set course of action. At the core of Ruby & Associates are three capable, skilled professionals who possess complementary strengths – and whom just happen to be siblings. It is the diverse skill set of the group that enables them to provide the range of specialized services and valuable guidance that they do. The “associates” of Ruby & Associates is a diverse team of business professionals intentionally recruited to provide a wide range of extensive business skills.

Ruby & Associates sets their firm apart from their competition by providing much-needed flexibility to their clients by adapting to the agencies’ needs on many levels. Ruby & Associates is unique because contracts range from short-term projects to long-term implementation partnerships. Being a homegrown family business appeals to many organizations. However, it is the implementation phase that truly sets Ruby & Associates apart from their competition. Even in major markets where there are currently firms providing similar services to nonprofits, this aspect of Ruby & Associates’ services is unique.

Furthermore, Ruby & Associates is not just a group of nonprofit experts. This firm is expert in the consulting relationship which professionalizes and streamlines the process for the client. Unlike many other consulting firms, Ruby & Associates is not only affordable but has had success helping agencies recruit donors to offset contract costs. As a result of our services agencies are rewarded with new and increased funding. Additionally, the team is prepared to function in a number of capacities based on the needs of their client – from consultant to coach to staff member, or other proficiency that might be needed.

Many firms perform assessments and create plans of action; however, few offer solutions for funding or execution to their customers. Ruby & Associates acts as a catalyst for the agencies they serve. The team takes consulting to the next level through their aid in implementation – by taking theory and putting it into action.


Ruby & Associates:

  • Believes that every organization is a unique entity requiring unique services.  Period.
  • Understands that empowering human resources is the best way that long term systemic change can occur
  • Feels it is our responsibility to nurture the positive attributes in an organization in order for that entity to thrive
  • Commits to our own intellectual growth
  • Grounds our knowledge in personal experience and social research
  • Takes a holistic approach in providing service to a client
  • Actively participates in implementing strategy into the life of the organization
  • Laughs