Every client contracts with Ruby & Associates because they want to change.  It could be changing how they raise money or how much money is raised.  It could be changing how the board governs the organization.  It could even be how the agency is going to change its services in the future.  Change is not easy and requires long term concerted effort.  Our services include:

Board Development
Fundraising/Major Gifts
Grant Writing
Management Tools
Financial Oversight
Nurturing Volunteers
Data Management & Development

The process for receiving consulting services from Ruby & Associates is:

The agency is presented to a Partner by staff and other representatives.  Likewise, a Partner introduces Ruby & Associates to agency representatives

The agency completes a written assessment document.  A Partner spends time with agency representatives gathering information.  The agency clearly defines needs and expectations.  This is not a hasty process but a through process of information gathering that greatly impacts the quality and efficiency of consulting services that can be provided.

Contract Negotiation
Partners prepare and present a proposal outlining the assessment, assumptions, expectations, scope of the project, services, reporting process and fee for service.  Agency representatives and Partners enter into a negotiation phase to determine the specific requirements of both the agency and Ruby & Associates.  Flexible payment plans are normally created.

Based on the scope of the contract, services are rendered.  Periodic reporting and measurements are completed for the duration of the contract.

Upon completion of the contract, Ruby & Associates provides a final client survey and assessment of the agency.

Good consultants are:

  • Perceptive: Insightful, have the ability to see what others cannot
  • Influential: Skilled in bringing people together
  • Transformational: Help make change possible
  • Motivational: Inspire organizations and individuals to optimal performance
  • Effective: Create and adhere to specific relevant goals