YOU know you need to do something different.  But what?

YOU need to raise more money.  As the Executive Director you have numerous demands on your time.  These demands are real, often you are the only person available to get it done.  Fundraising and more importantly donor cultivation is regulated to happen stance interactions or the occasional special event.

Let us help YOU!
Together we CAN combine your passion for the work you do with the skills and talents needed to fuel your mission.  Together we will help you experience the joy and success  of fundraising.   (Yes, fundraising is fun.)

Good consultants are:

  • Perceptive: Insightful, have the ability to see what others cannot
  • Influential: Skilled in bringing people together
  • Transformational: Help make change possible
  • Motivational: Inspire organizations and individuals to optimal performance
  • Effective: Create and adhere to specific relevant goals