Effective boards creatively navigate their volatile funding and programmatic environment. Innovative planning directs the entire organization towards a common vision. The Board must always “live in the future” by:

  • Intentionally building an active group of committed members
  • Setting the vision and goals of the organization
  • Participating in resource development for fiscal health
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Supporting and evaluating the executive director
  • Outlining and maintaining the corporate governance of the entity

Living in the future requires managing existing realities within the vision of the organization—basically, how will we get from today to a great tomorrow.  Intentional planning and strategy is required of the group.  Most nonprofits can create a plan.  A plan can be a simple action that has a well-defined start and finish and might span just a few weeks.  Or, a plan could be a rich three year strategy for the organization.  Unfortunately, most organizations actually fail in implementing plans that are larger in scope. Nonprofits know they need to plan, but they struggle with execution.  Ruby & Associates specializes in both facilitating plans AND assisting your organization in executing that plan—from concept to reality.

A strategic plan allows your organization to:

  • Proactively pursue mission rather than reacting
  • Creating a vision in which to generate funding
  • Executing plans rather than watching them gather dust
  • Utilize the diversity of your organization
  • Communicate your value and vision to your constituents
How can your organization successfully plan?

1.  Take the time to plan

2.  Invest resources in executing the plan

3.  Gather good data so progress can be tracked

And remember…planning is easy, executing is the hard part!