The Executive Director office can be a lonely place.  The chair you sit in is one of isolation.  Yes, you are surrounded by staff, board, and others but they don’t carry the burden of your office.  Our coaching programs are designed to help you  manage the highs and lows that define your roll.   YOU will learn to :

  • Steward your better donors thru intentional management.
  • Connect in your community as you take your organization to next level of engagement and program.
  • Self- Assurance will help you know when and how to engage.
  • Privacy as a confidential sounding board to talk through your thoughts and challenges

WE will help you avoid the costly mistakes of others.


How can your organization successfully plan?

1.  Take the time to plan

2.  Invest resources in executing the plan

3.  Gather good data so progress can be tracked

And remember…planning is easy, executing is the hard part!