Mission takes margin.  And without fundraising, no mission can be fully accomplished. This simple fact creates fear in many nonprofit executives, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Yes, competition for available funding is volatile and often elusive, but our fundraising experts will help you evaluate and execute a fundraising strategy to help you maximize your agency’s mission.

  • Thrive vs. survive
  • Boldly step up to new and innovative programs
  • Utilize current relationships to increase major gifts
  • Cultivate and secure major donors
  • Secure corporate gifts

How do you know when a donor prospect is ready to ask?

  1. When you know what to ask for. What makes your donor excited about your agency? Which program area or specific project are they most excited about?
  2. When you know how much to ask for. Will you always know the exact amount…no. But you do need to know an appropriate range to ask for so your prospect recognizes the ask as a well-thought-out and serious request for support.
  3. Will they give to you. Is the donor interested in what you do? Do they care? Do they care deeply? Knowing this will be a key factor if you should ask or not.
  4. Who should ask. Who is best suited to make the ask? In a perfect world, a senior staff person and a volunteer who the prospect respects and sees as a peer.

In the nonprofit arena, an agency can never say “thank you” frequently enough to a donor. Don’t be satisfied by merely acknowledging gifts with a standard form letter and tax receipt or a more personal thank you for larger donations. With assistance from Ruby & Associates, we will help you find creative and engaging ways to properly thank your donors.

Ten Ways to Thank a Donor
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