Grant Writing

Grant writing is SEXY!  BUT…… Are you the one who has to write the grants?  NO budget to pay a grant writer? Let us help you get organized and create the templates needed to meet your submission deadline.

You’re already stretched tot he limit and now one more thing is being added to your plate.  Grants are a double-edged sword.  On one hand they are sexy.  Boards love the concept of grants and how they can catapult your agency forward.  On the other hand, grants can be a black hole of time, energy, and focus.


Our grants solutions are:

The Basic: Our knowledgeable staff will get you pointed in the right direction providing you basic templates to find, write, and track your grant proposals.  If you have 60 minutes a week to devote to grants, we can help you make it productive.

The Intermediate: Ready to hire a consultant to work with your?  Talk to us.  We can tailor fit one of our associates to help you become even more efficient in your research and writing.

The All IN: Our Sustaining Grants Program includes a dedicated grant writer who get to know you, your mission and your program.  Then together you will build a grants submitting program.

Getting the Word Out

  • Understand how to evaluate and stimulate your agency’s mission
  • Learn the art and science of press releases
  • Receive training to communicate with funders
  • Develop a timeline to help ensure consistent visibility and submission