In today’s society of mass communication, social media, and instant contacts, it is critically important to use a wide variety of resources for promoting your agency to a high level of visibility. What is unique about your agency that sets you apart from others? What is special about your organization that you want others to know? Putting your agency “on the map” will enable you to impact the lives of more people than ever before.

Promoting your nonprofit organization in a consistent, professional way is a good investment that will pay significant dividends.  You know what an outstanding organization you have but others are likely not aware of it.  It’s up to you to broadcast your good news, let them know about all of the good things you are doing, and how your organization can have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Ruby & Associates offers guidance in a variety of marketing and public relations capacities to help your nonprofit organization.  We know the importance for you to have a strong presence among a diverse demographic group.  Ruby & Associates will guide you through the steps to increase your visibility and help you develop and implement an effective marketing and public relations plan.

Getting the Word Out

  • Understand how to evaluate and stimulate your agency’s mission
  • Learn the art and science of press releases
  • Receive training in marketing and public relations
  • Develop a timeline to help ensure consistent visibility