Do you ever just want to get a second opinion on a subject?  Or just run something by a  professional such as a tax accountant or a lawyer who understands the small to medium size nonprofit world?

We have a number of specific topic experts available for FREE consultation.  Should you and the expert decide that there is a need for a more intentional relationship, you are free to engage directly.

Some nonprofit expert areas that are often consulted include:

  • Tax Expert CPA
  • Legal- Incorporation
  • Data Base
  • Human Resources

Utilizing strategic management practices in your organization allows for:

  • Knowledgeable decision-making based on proven practice
  • A focus on “big picture” issues rather than myopic details
  • Efficiently moving towards strategic goals
  • The board to build the future of the organization rather than dwell on its past
How can your organization manage strategically?

  1. Understand your agency’s diversity and talent so you can strategically recruit new members
  2. Utilize clear board job descriptions outlining expectations for participating, giving and being an ambassador in the community.
  3. Invite non-board members to serve on committees/work groups to gain specific talents and to introduce the agency to others in the community