Many nonprofits get comfortable being in the reactive mode and miss opportunities to grow. Successful organizations take time to learn and use cutting edge practices in the industry to manage their business every day while simultaneously planning for future endeavors. The board must work hard and be dedicated to the governance of the agency. It is vitally important for them to remain in the “driver’s seat”, making frequent and intentional decisions to fulfill their mission. The staff is responsible for executing the everyday administration and mission of the organization—everything from providing direct services to managing payroll and maintaining facilities.  Balancing the pressures of everyday business in a nonprofit organization with implementing the future vision of that organization is an extraordinary task which requires constant strategic decision-making from the board, each and every staff member and even volunteers.

Utilizing strategic management practices in your organization allows for:

  • Knowledgeable decision-making based on proven practice
  • A focus on “big picture” issues rather than myopic details
  • Efficiently moving towards strategic goals
  • The board to build the future of the organization rather than dwell on its past
How can your organization manage strategically?

  1. Understand your agency’s diversity and talent so you can strategically recruit new members
  2. Utilize clear board job descriptions outlining expectations for participating, giving and being an ambassador in the community.
  3. Invite non-board members to serve on committees/work groups to gain specific talents and to introduce the agency to others in the community