If you have a database that is perfect for your organization, or one that you do not like, a database that your staff is unfamiliar with or do not have one and need one, we can help. Because your database is your most significant fundraising tool, keeping it clean and up-to-date is of greatest importance. A well-organized database will make your life easier by streamlining the processes of data entry, reporting and being able to build better relationships with your constituents. Better donor relationships make solicitations more effective. Likewise, staff members and volunteers who are well trained will keep your agency running efficiently.

To accomplish these goals our associates can provide:

  • Analysis of current database
  • Options for new or upgraded database
  • Preparation of data for conversion to a new database
  • Implementation of a new or upgraded database
  • Create Policy and Procedure Manuals for donor tracking, donation entry, donor acknowledgement, moves management, queries and reports
  • Training for your staff or volunteers on new or current database focused on the procedures specific to your organization
  • Short or long-term database maintenance
Through involvement for almost 20 years with nonprofit organizations, our associates have improved the functionality of development offices with this experience:

  • Project Lead for data conversion to Raiser’s Edge
  • Improved database integrity through organization, maintenance and data management
  • Introduction and implementation of effective procedures to support fund-raising activities
  • Queries, financial and analytical reports, data entry in accordance with established protocols
  • NetCommunity implementation
  • Trained in Raiser’s Edge, DonorSnap, GiftWorks and Donor2