Strong, dedicated volunteers are the heartbeat of nonprofit organizations. It is common for agencies to experience a high turnover rate of volunteers, and it is vitally important to learn about the “caring and feeding” of volunteers. Without volunteers, most nonprofits would come to a screeching halt. Establishing a healthy volunteer base to sustain and grow the mission must be a high priority. A few simple steps invested in training and nurturing volunteers can reap major rewards to strengthen your organization.

Ruby & Associates helps you develop an exceptional volunteer training and nurturing program to enhance your agency’s mission. We fully understand how valuable volunteers are to nonprofit organizations and the importance of training and nurturing them. Giving volunteers a liberal dose of verbal words of appreciation and written notes of thanks, encouragement and recognition are proven ways to foster volunteers, but there are many more ways to give your volunteers the red carpet treatment they deserve.

Caring for Your Volunteers

  • Define a volunteer’s role
  • Learn to write effective job/task descriptions for volunteers
  • Ensure volunteers experience success
  • Develop creative ways to recognize and thank volunteers
  • Oversee your volunteers without micro-managing them
  • Listen to your volunteers – they are on the front lines