TRAINING: Fundamentals of Nonprofit Business

In October 2012, Eileen Ruby Setti of Ruby & Associates; Mark Roberts, CEO of the Community Foundation of Central Illinois; and Peoria Councilman Chuck Weaver and Leaders Change Peoria, joined together to produce “The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Business”.  It is a series designed to develop the administrative, management and leadership skills of nonprofit chief executive officers, board members, volunteers and staff.  “Fundamentals” is designed for all types of nonprofits in the Peoria area.  The series covers topics on board development, fundraising, planning, legal issues, human resources and marketing.

“Fundamentals” is offered to participants at no cost because of the gracious support of many business and individuals.  Staff time is donated by Ruby & Associates, the Community Foundation of Central Illinois, and Leaders Change Peoria.

Each “Fundamentals of Nonprofit Business” training focuses on different area of nonprofits business. Two experts will offer best practices in the industry, based on research and years of applicable local experiences.

There will also be peer networking in small groups as well as question and answer session with the presenters.

Participation is open to central Illinois area executive directors, staff and board members.
Space is limited. Please limit participants to three per organization.


A LEAN approach to Cost Reduction


The winter Fundamentals of Nonprofit Business session focuses on the benefits of LEAN thinking.  Nonprofit Executive Directors/CEOs, staff and board members are invited to attend.


This session of Fundamentals explores how a nonprofit assesses and prioritizes program and administrative needs by clearly defining the value offered by each operation and making it easier to identify waste.  Dontae Latson, Executive Director and CEO of YWCA McLean County discusses the need nonprofits have today to be more efficient in their operations to deal with the ever changing landscape  of nonprofits and the services they offer.   Joe Prosser, Executive Director of the Community Cancer Center, will share some of their experiences with implementing Lean with insight into the benefits and challenges.


Wesleyan’s Action Research Center (ARC) is hosting the training at IWU as part of our commitment to supporting local non-profits and the leaders who run them. Regional nonprofit consultants Ruby & Associates organize the free “Fundamentals” series for area nonprofit staff and volunteer leaders.


“The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Business” is a collaborative effort designed to impact the nonprofit sector by offering quality training on issues relevant to our community.  Each session includes a focused discussion concerning the central Illinois nonprofit sector as a whole.  The intent is to create an open dialogue within the sector in a neutral setting.  Therefore, professionals and nonprofits will not only benefit from the training content, but have the opportunity to network and more importantly to participate in an organized dialogue about our community.

The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Business Capacity Building Series –Peoria, IL– Coming later in 2017

The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Business is organized by: Community Foundation of Illinois, Chuck Weaver & Leaders Change Peoria, and Ruby & Associates.

Past participants find value in the training:

Over 180 nonprofit leaders from 86 organizations attended the first three “Fundamentals” sessions.  Their experience ranges from just a few months serving in the sector to more than 25 years.  Organizations range in size from no paid staff to budgets over $50 million.

  • I loved the sample annual fund development plan.
  • We need to put more thought and effort and time into board recruitment
  • I was able to gain some new and valuable insights into several areas.
  • Provided me with an insight to the structural issues of nonprofit. Many of these things I did not know.