So often, nonprofit leaders ask us, “How do you do that?”, referring to a specific process, skill or knowledge they need.  In response to these questions, Ruby & Associates presents TNT, a new series of training opportunities designed for nonprofit organizations.

What is TNT?  It’s an intensive training seminar that addresses fundraising, governance, administration and management of a nonprofit organization.  We dive deep!

What’s in it for me?  Along with bucket loads of expert advice you will take home tools, templates and examples that can be used immediately.

How do I enroll?
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Current Classes available with a trainer or self-guided:

Identifying, Qualifying and Cultivating Donors

“Where can I find the money?”, “Who should we ask?”, “Shouldn’t Bill Gates want to fund our mission?”.  If you are in leadership and trying to close the gap on budget, these may sound familiar.  Sign up today and learn how:

  • Techniques to find donors who are right under your nose
  • Expand your donor base as well as your volunteers
  • This is an opportunity to build a good foundation to establish and grow a fundraising program

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Preparing to Make An Ask: Documents and Strategy

Asking for organization sustaining and changing gifts is a much bigger undertaking.  It takes research and preparation.  This session is about preparing for making an ask.  You will learn…

  • Defining what is a major gift for your organization
  • Steps needed to gather informational and easy ways to manage that information within your organization
  • A list of information critical to every major donor and how to package that information

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How to Ask Anyone for Anything

Making an ask face to face for a substantial amount of money is not always easy.  Not everyone is comfortable with asking.  Often individuals in leadership positions responsible for such tasks are unprepared.  YOU will be READY when you learn:

  • Who should be on an ask team
  • How to pan and execute the ask meeting
  • What to do after an ask to ensure the commitment

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Fundraising for the Solo Executive Director

What if there was a way to carve out enough margin in your time and energy to so some fundraising?  What if increased revenue could help you hire the support and staffing your really needed to accomplish your agency’s mission?  Put on  your fundraising hat to learn:

  • How much time do I have to spend fundraising to actually make a difference in revenue?
  • What strategies have the biggest and quickest ROI?
  • 4 steps to creating enough margin so I can spend time fundraising
  • What am I supposed to say/do with a donor in the first place?

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Ruby and Associates will:

  • Customize training to meet your time and budget.
  • Provide on-site training at your agency when needed.

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